Poppy jenkins - ibex gale

Poppy Jenkins

"I would not hesitate to recommend ibex gale and in particular Poppy Jenkins who was…

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Kate woosnam - ibex gale

Kate Woosnam

"Kate started her career as an employment lawyer in private practice, dealing with a range…

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Lucy edgington-hume - ibex gale

Lucy Edgington-hume

"Lucy’s background is as a senior HR professional within the NHS having worked in various…

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Sarah byrne - ibex gale

Sarah Byrne

"Sarah has expertise in all aspects of employee relations including employment tribunals, complex cases, change…

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Melanie whittle - ibex gale

Melanie Whittle

"Melanie specialises in carrying out a wide variety of disciplinary and grievance investigations, often involving…

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Rana tandon - ibex gale

Rana Tandon

"Rana has advised employees at all organisational levels across both private and public sectors, including…

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Leonora morgan - ibex gale

Leonora Morgan

"Leonora has extensive experience providing employment advice within a health context, and more broadly for…

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Tim newcome - ibex gale

Tim Newcome

"With over a decade's experience in employment law, Tim has honed his expertise through roles…

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Suki harrar - ibex gale

Suki Harrar

"Suki has over two decades of experience in employment and HR matters" She has worked…

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Fiona colliver - ibex gale

Fiona Colliver

"Fiona’s work as an HR Consultant predominately sees her partnering with small to medium size…

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