Change projects - ibex gale
Redundancy, Transfer of employees, and strategic change.

Commercially focused, yet compassionate, change projects.

We manage change projects from planning through all stages of consultation and implementation to conclusion and transition.


The projects we undertake may typically involve a reduction in employee numbers, or a transfer under TUPE, often following an acquisition/merger or are part of a cost reduction/rationalisation programme. We also work with organisations to implement changes to structure, ways of working and employment terms and conditions resulting from strategic plans or to comply with legal requirements.


We have a proven track record of success, from global companies requiring large scale redundancy projects, to businesses requiring support at discrete stages. Our substantial Change team’s unique blend of employment law expertise, people management experience and project management skills enables us to deliver a robust, legally compliant process on time and on budget.


We understand that managing change with compassion is good for an organisation’s brand, culture and business. Successful change projects are not just about process, compliance and timescales. We strive to minimise employee impact and distress for all those involved by putting compassion and support at the heart of our approach.


Poppy Jenkins heads up our Change Projects work, supported by Kate Woosnam, so please get in touch with Poppy in the first instance if you would like a confidential discussion.