In a past life, our founders, Poppy Jenkins and David Major, were lawyers - employment law experts who delivered commercial legal advice to their clients.

But over time they realised that, in addition to help understanding the legal landscape, many of their clients needed practical, hands-on support in managing their people. They founded ibex gale in 2013 to address that need. 


Our services cover five areas: workplace investigations, conflict resolution and mediation, organisational culture, change projects, and compliance and regulation.


Our company purpose is to enhance people’s lives through the creation of exceptional workplaces. 


The commitments or brand promises we make to all clients are that we are invested in your organisation, we enable progress and positive change, and we combine professional rigour with compassion.


We only hire the best people and have a large team who have a unique blend of legal expertise and people management skills. 


We have an unwavering focus on quality and are one of the few investigation providers accredited to the British Standard BS:102000 which demonstrates the rigour and compliance we adhere to in all our work. 

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Our Brand Promises

Invested in your organisation

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We invest our time and energy into understanding your culture, priorities and objectives

Enabling progress and positive change

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Our innovative approach, energy and focus generates exceptional outcomes

Professional rigour with compassion

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We work to the highest standards, whilst being empathetic and easy to engage with

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