Belinda westwood - ibex gale

Belinda Westwood

Belinda is a Business Psychologist and experienced strategic HR professional who works for ibex gale.

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Hugh grime - ibex gale

Hugh Grime

Hugh Grimes is an Associate at ibex gale.

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Justine sore - ibex gale

Justine Sore

Justine Sore is an Associate at ibex gale.

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Sarah byrne - ibex gale

Sarah Byrne

Sarah is an Associate at ibex gale. She is a senior HR professional who has worked for global brands across a range of sectors.

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Kimberley fradley - ibex gale

Kimberley Fradley

Kimberley is an experienced healthcare regulatory specialist, advising health and social care organisations on CQC compliance.

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Ali morris - ibex gale

Ali Morris

Ali is a senior HR leader with over 19 years’ experience advising Board members and senior managers in the full spectrum of HR activity, working with a wide range of…

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Frances white - ibex gale

Frances White

Alaya is a Project Support Assistant at ibex gale

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Lucy edgington-hume - ibex gale

Lucy Edgington-Hume

Lucy is an Associate at ibex gale specialising in ER within the NHS

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Victoria shephard - ibex gale

Victoria Shephard

Victoria Shephard works as a Project Support Assistant for ibex gale.

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Sarah darbyshire - ibex gale

Sarah Darbyshire

David co-founded ibex gale in 2013 with Poppy Jenkins. He is an accredited workplace mediator, has conducted a wide range of complex workplace investigations – involving allegations of unlawful discrimination,…

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