Managing Change

We have a track record of assisting businesses through periods of organisational change.

Our legal knowledge and people management skills mean we are equipped to deal with large scale organisational change projects, whether they are restructuring or cost reduction programmes involving multiple redundancies; changes to terms and conditions of employment requiring collective consultation; or transfers of employees from one organisation to another under TUPE.

We can manage the entire process as your boots on the ground, or be an advisory asset to help ensure a smooth and legally compliant transition which minimises the impact to your workforce. Some examples of projects we undertake are below:


Our services cover planning and scoping, process mapping, on the ground support, advising managers, attending meetings, related employment documentation, pay calculation and training representatives. We work with clients to identify what their business objectives from the change project are, and advise on what processes are necessary to ensure a smooth transition.


We are proficient in managing all types of TUPE scenarios including outsourcing, insourcing, service provision change and business transfers. We can support your business across all parts of the process, such as attendance at meetings, producing relevant documentation, and do due diligence.


We help companies implement changes to management and organisational structures, shift patterns, varied or flexible working patterns, and are experienced in piloting new models of working such as home/flexible/remote/multi-generational and assessing their impacts.

Changing Terms and Conditions & Legal Change Projects

Services include scoping and planning, timetables, employment documentation, attending consultation meetings, supporting HR and line managers, related process (dismissal and reengagement). Examples include removing benefits, change to sick pay/holiday/overtime policies.

We help businesses review status and make changes to working relationships and teams as a result of changes to law. As an example, we can help you manage IR35 changes that might be needed from April 2020.

Why igpeople?

Our mission is to help build thriving organisations where people can prosper.

In periods of change, it is more important than ever to have the right blend of knowledge, skills and efficiencies to help manage the process. Announcing redundancies or restructures can often have a damaging effect on productivity. Managing change and innovation can also take its toll on business leaders.

At igpeople, we take a holistic approach. This means understanding the context of the change and the resources available, including organisational, management and information variables. We look at your business through an objective and new lens and ask the right questions about talent, resourcing and business goals so as to mitigate any negative impacts. We know that promoting internal dialogue is key to a successful and positive change, and that training and development and cultural reviews can be needed alongside the structural process. We are accomplished at providing all the assistance you might require.