Conflict resolution & mediation - ibex gale
interventions and mediation for workplace conflict

Impartial, informal and effective support for resolving conflict.

Negative conflict in the workplace can be disruptive to well-being and productivity. 


We have a team of trained conflict resolution experts and accredited mediators who are skilled at addressing and resolving workplace conflict at the earliest opportunity in order to prevent it causing more serious, lasting damage.


Mediation is ideally suited where working relationships have broken down and there is a need for a constructive ongoing working relationship between the individuals involved. Its aim is to move parties beyond the often entrenched positions they have adopted so they focus on the interests and needs that are driving the conflict, leading them to formulate their own resolution.


At ibex gale we have developed a deep understanding of team dynamics and a set of  conflict resolution strategies which can be tailored to tackle the most intractable disputes. We can manage the entire process for you, and if the informal attempts fail, we have the internal capability to adopt a more formal approach to resolution of the conflict.


David Major heads up our conflict and resolution work, so please get in touch with him if you would like a confidential discussion.